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Posted by Administrator on Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Hi all, just touching base regarding training for the better half of the club. I am going to be starting trainings as of this week. I will be paddling myself, and would love some more of you  to join in. I am planning to build this into regular coached sessions further down the track but for now it would be a good place to start for the season. I am more than happy to help with anything I can while I'm training, so please get back to me if you are looking at paddling ski or board this year and we can go from there.

And if you have any mates that want to give it a crack then bring them down, the more we can get out there the better.

Also we want to get an idea about who is looking at racing this year to work out gear allocation for ski / board  this season.

Please get back to me with what your plans are and we can get things rolling early.

Thanks very much

Marty McDowell 

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